Defeating Victory

My recent work, under the title of: Defeating Victory engages with boldly colored, figurative paintings that propose a blend between whimsical narration and political engagement. With an un-faltering realism and through a combination of portraits, still-life and fantasy environments, this work intends to resuscitate response and re-enliven a faith for political images through disassociation with the characters and events of today. My conceptual framework combines the historical presentation of culturally shared stories, with the pervasiveness of the internet, a resurgence of a virtual form of word of mouth, regular people actively responding to current events. Images of all kinds are found un-adulterated and un-censored, from uncompromising graphic violence in Abu Graib, to irrelevant photographs of wedding cakes and dishware. Virtual fairy-tales emerge in every day banality. Appropriately sourced through Google images, and the mainstream media, these narrative constructs aim to represent moral claims that demand questioning. As I attempt to store, record and restore faith in story-telling, the stage and the power is taken from classic fairy- tales and adapted to suit the agency of our times.