Cosuming Defeat

Defeatism is the acceptance of defeat without struggle. Struggle defines the arresting and sometimes paralyzing silence within which we accept the inevitability of the unfortunate. In one form or another, we struggle on a banal, everyday level with the pettiest of these events. On a larger, more personal scale, we thrive to achieve our goals with an insurmountable amount of determination and hope, in sight of security of happiness. On a political and cultural level, despite the irregular glimmer of human kindness, we are made aware of tragedy, crimes against humanity, natural disasters, pessimism and treason – all of which constantly remind us that we are an acceptingly part of this collective failure. We are fed defeat; we consume defeat.

It is within our accepted sense of silence that we gestate. Our defeat consumes our will to struggle. Our attitude and outlook become defeated. We turn inward and power a narrative that is stripped of mediation, politics and persuasion. In fact, the fairy tale depicted is a vulnerable world filled with colourful exoticism and dangers assertions – a primal existence wherein our memorized struggles re-enact and re-engage in ways that become more meaningful and personal. In this travel inwards, we log on to Facebook, start a conversation on Twitter, engage in satisfying urges and share anonymously. But, we do share. We share our deepest insecurities with the strangest of strangers, uploading photographs, videos and logs. My source imagery and inspiration stem from these everyday interactions – masked realities that maintain our vow of silence as they fuel our vulnerable struggle for acceptance.

This work was made with sadness and pain. My placid acceptance of defeat with this conceptual framework equals the loving sincerity with which I have rendered my narrative. Through a saturated and aggressive escapism, I share my insecurities.